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10 Amazing Presents You Can Make - For Almost Nothing!

Need some cost-efficient gift ideas for the holiday season? Look no further!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 1st 2022

Everyone's feeling the pinch this year, so why not make it fun with some awesome Christmas presents that won't break the bank? Check out these cool present ideas and see if you can find inspiration! Don't forget to check out the rest of our Christmas stuff - find out what kind of Christmas tree you are, or read some hilarious Santa jokes!

1. Personalised bookmarks

Do you know someone who just loves to read? Get them the perfect present with a handmade bookmark! All you need is a piece of card, some scissors (and an adult to help), and any craft supplies you think would make the bookmark totally suited to their personality. Our fave is a cool magazine decoupage , which you can make using glue and bits of torn magazine on your card.

2. Homemade biscuits

This is a fun and simple gift, and it's also a great way to combine a present with a fun Christmas activity! The most festive biscuits are gingerbread of course, but it's best to make the biscuits your loved one likes most. Pop them in a pretty box for the perfect gift.

3. Homemade lip scrub

A simple present with only two ingredients: 1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix them together and you've got an all-natural lip scrub for the beauty lover in your life! Re-use an old pot to put it in, and add a coat of paint or maybe a pretty sticker!

4. Painted jam jars

You can make a gift that lasts all year long with these! All you need is an old jam jar (mason jars are best, but anything can work!), PVA glue, food colouring, a paintbrush and a little imagination. Mix and match colours for a cool washed-out effect, and let them dry. They can be used to hold pencils, paintbrushes, pens, kitchen utensils, or even as little lanterns with some LED fairy lights inside!

5. Coffee cozy

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life (or tea, or hot chocolate...). Get an old sock (make sure it's clean!) and snip the foot part off. To make it cute and creative glue on some shapes cut from felt, or maybe a couple of spare buttons.

6. Decoupage frames

All you need is some glue, a brush, a plain wooden frame (available at craft stores and online), and any kind of paper. Tear your paper and glue it onto the frame in layers for a unique look. You can use articles from a newspaper or magazines to make a word frame, or just pretty pictures. Add a little glitter for a magical finish.

7. A personal drawing

Do you like to draw? There's nothing your loved one will like more than a special picture just for them. Draw their favourite animal, or a character they love, or even a picture of the two of you together!

8. A short story or poem

One for the aspiring writers! Write a Christmassy short story - it could be about someone trying to get presents before all the shops close, or about a penguin who's scared of snow. If poems are more your thing you could write a nice verse - a sonnet, a haiku or even a limerick!

9. Repackage some sweets

Get a bag of your loved one's favourite sweets, then put them in an old (clean) jam jar and decorate it with ribbon! It's exactly what they want and in an even prettier package!

10. A pretty collage

This is a good idea for anyone to make! You just need some card as a backing, glue, and an old magazine. Cut or tear out pretty pictures and glue them together for an amazing piece of art your loved one can put on the wall!