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Are You More 80s, 90s, 00s or Modern Mario?

Mario has been with us a long time, but which era are you most like?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 29th 2023

When Mario first started it was a huge success, but not many people would have thought that 40 years later this little Italian plumber would have so many games about them, or even a film! So let’s see where on the journey of Mario you are? Are you a pixelated early Mario, or a shiny new 3D Mario for the next gen of coin and star chasing consoles? Let’s find out!?

1/10 A brown crab looks confused

Which animal do you feel most like today?

2/10 A shocked dog looks at an alarm clock

What time do you wake up in the morning?

3/10 A gamepad has a little face on it

Which console do you like the most?

4/10 Toast with faces pops out of a toaster

What do you eat for breakfast?

5/10 A duck looks at a beetle

What is your favourite way to spend a free day?

6/10 Four different pipe fittings

Which pipe fitting do you feel most like today?

7/10 Mario runs on a pixelated background
Nintendo Corporation

Mario is late for work, how should he travel?

8/10 The character Mario has no hat!
Nintendo Corporation

Mario has lost his hat, what should he use instead?

9/10 Bowser is in a dirty kitchen
Nintendo Corporation

Bowser is causing havoc in your kitchen, what do you do?

10/10 The Luigi character points toward Athens
Nintendo Corporation

Luigi has lost all his coins, where will you look for them?

Nintendo Corporation

80s Mario!

You’re most like the old school Mario! You like things to be classic and simple, back when Mario was first invented/born, he couldn’t even jump! So maybe you don’t want to go THAT far back, but the 80s Mario had something special about him so this is an excellent result! But if you’d prefer another Mario why not try the quiz again and see if you can get a different answer!

Nintendo Corporation

90s Mario!

Awesome! You’ve got most in common with the 1990s Mario! The 90s were a time of big technology changes, and one of those added a whole new dimension to Mario! This meant for the first time, players could move in other directions than left and right! Your results show us that you’re the kind of person that likes to break new boundaries too - so maybe that’s why you got this result?

Nintendo Corporation

00s Mario!

The 00s was when Mario Galaxy came out, this game really pushed how impressive Mario could really be. Suddenly Mario was swimming, flying through space and battling his enemies in loads of new ways! Not only this, but finally his little belly was perfectly round! The 00s Mario opened up lots of new people to the game and the character and was a really excellently made game. Your passion for perfection is probably why you got this result, nice one!

Nintendo Corporation

Modern Mario!

Mario is in the next gen now, and that’s the Mario you’ve got most in common with! Epic! Mario has never been crisper, bigger or better! A bit like you, this Mario knows what it wants and has the skill to make it happen. Modern Mario is a huge game for an even bigger character and it’s only going to get even more awesome, we’re hopeful for Mario’s future, are you?