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The Amazing Aimee Carty Trivia Quiz

She’s on her way to stardom, but do you know her before she was cool?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 4th 2023

Aimee is one of music’s rising stars and if you think that you know about her and her music then let’s see how well you score at this quiz! There’s only one place to find out and it’s right here, so get those tracks playing in the background and find out if you’ve got knowledge to beat this Carty quiz!


Which country is Aimee Carty from?


What instrument does she usually play?


In Aimee’s song ‘Painter’ - when does the character paint?


In the song ‘One Day You Will Fly Too’ - when does Aimee get up?


And then who does she talk to?


In Aimee’s song ‘Painter’ - where are the houses?


What is the name of the character in ‘2 Days Behind’?


Does Aimee sing covers?


In the song ‘2 Days Behind’, what does she keep doing in the middle of the night?


What colour was her original microphone?

Oh dear! You haven’t scored that well on this quiz, but don’t worry! Nobody wakes up in the morning and knows everything about everything right? Learning things takes time and patience, Aimee hasn’t given up on making music, and neither should you, so stick with it and have another go!

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere, you know a thing or two about Aimee’s music and it shows, you’ve got the knowledge to back it up when you tell your friends “Hey, I’ve just found the best new music!”. Good work, but we think that you could probably do better, so why not have another go and see if you can score higher the next time around?

Pow! Amazing work! You know Aimee, and her music like the back of your hand, WAIT WHAT’S THAT!? But seriously, well done, you’ve done really well here and you deserve to feel good about it! Nice work, but if you think that you can score higher, you can always have another try at this quiz? Or you can relax and check out some more of Aimee’s music?

Wow! You’ve scored full marks on this quiz! Well done! What an incredible result, you’re part of the small group of people that really know Aimee Carty’s music. It’s a great gang to be in and you should be proud of yourself. Aimee is going to make it big, they’re going to be the next superstar, and here you are, right at the start, getting full marks on a quiz about them - awesome!

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