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Amazingly Awesome Amara Chehade Quiz

Amara is one of the rising stars of the TikTok world, but how much do you know about her?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 23rd 2022

There’s only one way to truly test your knowledge of this content creator, and that’s with a quiz right here! So strap yourself in because it’s time to dive deeper into the world of Amara Chehade! Let’s go!

@amarachehade | Instagram

Where does Amara live?

@amarachehade | Instagram

Where was she born?


Where are her parents from?

@amarachehade | Instagram

What style of video is she most famous for?


Which platform does she mostly use?

@amarachehade | Instagram

What was her first video about?


What is her star sign?


Where does she go to university?


Are her videos dramatic?


What year was she born?

@amarachehade | Instagram

Uh Oh! Ok, maybe it’s time to rewatch some of her videos and get to know her content a little bit better and then try again! That’s no bad thing though, nobody gets 100% straight away, well - some people do… Why not have another try?

@amarachehade | Instagram

Great effort! You’re getting there! You’ve got the basics and that’s a great thing, you’ve got to start somewhere after all! Why not load up some of her most famous videos and see if you can score higher?

@amarachehade | Instagram

Excellent! You’ve scored really well here, you clearly know your stuff when it comes to Amara! Give yourself a solid pat on the back, you've done really well - not quite 100%, but that’s ok! Why not try again and see if you can get full marks!?

@amarachehade | Instagram

Epic style for real! You’ve scored full marks on this quiz! How on Earth did you manage that?! Are you secretly the one and only TikTok expert!? We’re very very impressed! Why not try out some of our other quizzes and see if you can smash them too?!