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Pick an Emoji and We'll Tell You Which Annoying Orange Video You Should Watch?

You know how these quizzes work - just choose an emoji and we'll work out which Annoying Orange video you should watch next!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 5th 2023

Not sure which Annoying Orange Youtube video to watch? No problem! We'll tell you exactly which one is right for you - and all you have to do is answer this epic emoji personality quiz! The rules are simple - just pick some emojis and we'll take it from there!

Ready? Let's go, Annoying Orange fans!


1/10 Pick a fruit emoji:


2/10 Now pick another!


3/10 Now pick a food emoji:


4/10 And now a sea creature!


5/10 And now a cuddle mammal:


6/10 Now choose a weather emoji:


7/10 Now pick one of these!


8/10 Now choose a direction!


9/10 And now one of these tasty emojis:


10/10 Ok! Last one! Which one of these will you choose?

@Annoying Orange | Youtube

Rolling in the Dough!

This is a classic, old Annoying Orange video - and it's the most popular one on Youtube! It's not an Adele parody (although it sounds a bit like one) - it's just 3 minutes of Orange taunting doughboy and laughing as he gets turned into toast! Not the video you think you should watch? No worries - just pick some different emojis and we'll find you a new one!

@Annoying Orange | Youtube

Tough Enough!

You should watch Tough Enough! It's another super-popular Annoying Orange video and a guaranteed laugh! In it Orange meets a very different fruit - the spiky and very stinky Durian fruit! Exotic! Have we got this one wrong? No worries - just choose some different emojis and we'll pick you out a new one!

@Annoying Orange | Youtube

Time to Burn!

This is a spicy Annoying Orange video! In it he hangs out with his mates and gets up to all kinds of fiery advetures with a bottle of hot sauce. It ends up exactly the way you expect - crispy! Not in the mood for this Annoying Orange video? Choose some more emojis and we'll pick you out a new one!

@Annoying Orange | Youtube

The Original!

This is the Annoying Orange video that started it all! This is the very first Orange video, and it's nice to go back to the start sometimes. You know, to brush up on the classics! WOuld you rather watch a more recent Annoying Orange video? No problem! Just take this quiz again and choose some other emojis!