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20 Fantastic Plastic Barbie Jokes!

Laugh your head off with these fully poseable Barbie jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 16th 2023

Barbie is nearly 70 years old and she's been entertaining us the whole time! Whether you loved playing with Barbies or if you've always hated Barbie, these jokes are sure to bring a perfect smile to your face!

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Who is Barbie’s favourite pop star?


Where does Ken get his hair cut?

At the Barb-ers!

What do you call a load of dolls in a line?

A Barbie queue!

What was Ken when Barbie said she just wanted to be friends?


What do you call a doctor for Barbies?

A plastic surgeon!

What was Ken after he took a long nap?


Everyone in Barbieland drives a pink Cadillac...

It's a pink car-nation!

What’s Barbie’s favourite animal?

A glam-ingo!

What does Barbie use to stay awake?

Ken-ergy drinks!

If Barbie is so popular…

Why do you have to buy her friends?

Why did the girl shave Barbie’s head?

She wanted 1000 doll-hairs!

What’s Barbie’s favourite thing at the gym?


Where is Barbie’s boyfriend from?


What do you call an Australian looking after his grill?

A Barbie-sitter!

What would Barbie need if she wanted to play pool?

A Barbie-cue!

Why did Barbie break up with Ken?

He kept toying with her emotions!

Where does President Barbie live?

The Pink House!

Barbie wears so much pink Ken said she looks like a flamingo…

She had to put her foot down!

What is pink and slippery?

Barbie's slippers!

What comes before Barbie?