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Barbie Pets and Accessories Quiz: Test Your Know-How!

Barbie has had so many pets and accessories over the years - do you know them all?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 6th 2023

Barbie dolls are awesome - but the best part of playing with them is all the accessories that come with her, and that's not to mention the pets! It's such a fun way to build your own Barbie World! This fun quiz will test your knowledge on all the pets and accessories Barbie has had over the years (and there's been a LOT) - can you get the high score? And we've got more Barbie when you're done - try your hand at our ultimate Barbie trivia quiz, or our Barbie through the ages quiz!


What kind of animal was Barbie's first ever pet, released in 1971?


What was the pet's name?


What year did Barbie's first camper van make its debut?


What awesome accessory did Day-To-Night Barbie have in her "day" mode?


What was unusual about Barbie's dog Tanner, who first appeared in 2006?


What kind of cat is Barbie's pet Blissa?


Which accessory did NOT come with original 1959 Barbie?


At one point a REAL fur coat was sold for Barbie - true or false?


Which of these strange creatures did Barbie once have as a pet?


What is Barbie's ultimate accessory?

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