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The Bash Street Kids Quiz!

How well do you know Bash Street School's most unruly class? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2022

When it comes to the Bash Street Kids, do consider yourself a total superfan or not? Whatever side of the trivia fence you're on, there's something for everyone in this blam quiz!

Do you reckon you could get a perfect score? Let's find out!

1/10 Smiffy drawing all over this image with a piece of chalk

Which class do the Bash Street Kids belong to?

2/10 Which Christmas Tree are You quiz

Which Bash Street Kid was born on Christmas Day?

3/10 A woman who has been pranked with song lyrics

Which student has a dream of becoming a social media legend?

4/10 Mandi

Mandi joined the class in 2021, but in which month?

5/10 Danny from the Bash Street Kids

Danny's great-great-great grandma and granddad were actual pirates. True or false?

6/10 Scotty from the Bash Street Kids

Where is Scotty from?

7/10 Wilfrid from the Bash Street Kids

Whose first name is actually Percival?

8/10 Beano Superstars – Toots

What is Toots' real name?

9/10 A pigeon

Who has a pet pigeon called Kevin?

10/10 Teacher from the Bash Street Kids

A school report described 2B as "the _____ class in the world". Fill in the blank!

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Did you take this quiz by mistake? We reckon you could do better!

Good try

Good work! You did pretty well – there were some tricky questions on this Bash Street Kids quiz. Why not have another go? You could do even better!

Great stuff

Great stuff! You really know a fair bit about the Bash Street Kids! Stevie is probably making a video about how well you've done!


Wow! You're an expert when it comes to all things Bash Street Kids. Amazing result!