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Ocado, Ben Fogle and Bananaman Team Up To Tackle Food Waste!

Join epic adventurer Ben Fogle in an awesome Beano comic caper as he helps Bananaman beat Beanotown's BIGGEST foe ever - a mammoth mountain of food waste!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 10th 2023

Our friends at Ocado are always working to reduce food waste and have the freshest produce thanks to efficient ordering, short supply chains and clever tech!

They donate unsold goods to charities and when the likes of Dennis and Gnasher can’t gobble it all up, it can be used to power their warehouses (and the Bash Street School)!

When food stays fresher for longer, there’s less waste! 

And food waste can strike anywhere - even Beanotown, as Ben & Bananaman are about to discover! So join us on a very special adventure as we learn how to fight food waste - Beano-style!