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20 Best Pranks To Do On Your Brother

Check out this pranktastic list of how to prank your brother BIG TIME!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 9th 2022

Do you need help on how to prank your brother at home? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this list of devious Brother Pranks will teach you how to prank your brother at home, at school, and even when you’re not actually there. So if your looking for pranks to pull on your brother, you’ve come to right place!

1. The Ambush Prank!

If your big brother’s got a phone, pretend to go out and text him to ask if he can look for something in your wardrobe (for example your football boots). What he doesn’t realise is that your football boots aren’t in your wardrobe but you are, ready and waiting to jump out and give him the scare of his life!

2. The ‘Your Stuff Is Alive’ Prank!

Buy a pack of googly eyes and cover his stuff with them to make it look like they’re looking at him. This prank is guarenteed to bring a smile to both your faces!

3. The “You Never Existed” Prank!

This one is very cunning. Slowly remove all evidence of your borther from photographs around the house. If you’re very cunning you could even try to scan the photos digitally and remove him with a photo editing tool. Soon, only the best sibling (you) will be visible! Whne he notices the prank pretend you can’t hear or see him!

4. The “Special” Delivery Prank!

Get a giant cardboard box and address it to your brother. Place the box on your doorstep and ring the bell. Quickly climb inside and wait until he tries to pick the box up. The jump out, Jack-in-the-box style. Boo!

5. If The Shoe Fits Prank! 

Put a bit of cotton wool in your brothers shoes. It’s soft enough for him not to notice it, but his shoes will still feel too small. Add a little bit every day to make him think his feet are growing unusually quickly!

6. Tell Me I’m Awesome Prank!

Carefully stick a sign on your brothers back saying “Tell me I’m Awesome.” When he’s out and about complete strangers will stop him on the street to tell him he’s awesome. 

7. The Balancing Trick Prank.

Get two paper cups and fill them with water. Challenge your brother to balance them both on the back of his hands. Ask him to place both hands down on a table and carefully balance the cups on the back of his hands. Then simply walk away! He’ll either be completely stuck or make a massive wet mess!

8. The Shower Struggle Prank!

Paint your brothers soap with clear nail varnish. It won’t lather but he’ll have no idea why. When he reaches for the shower gel that won’t work either because you’ve carefully blocked the top with clingfilm. Mwahaha!

9. The Wallpaper/Screensaver Caper! 

Change your brother’s devices wallpaper or screensaver to a picture of you, or even better a picture of somebody he really doesn’t like. His classmates will get a proper laugh when his laptop goes onto screensaver mode and reveals a picture of J-Hope  from BTS!

10. The Brownie Prank!

Tell your brother you’ve made him some Brownies, then give him a letter E you’ve cut out form brown cardboard. Enjoy the look on his face as hit slowly dawns on him that he’s not getting some delicious cakes!

11. The Alarming Clock prank!

A man waking up late and checking his alarm clock

Change the time of your big brother’s alarm to wake him up an hour earlier than usual. With luck he’ll be so confused he’ll role out of bed and won’t realise until he’s on his way to school in the dark!

12. The Wet Sneeze Prank!

Dip your fingers in water and flick them at your brother whilst pretending to sneeze. This joke is nearly too gross to have been included in this list! We apologise for the grossness of this prank. Don’t do this one!

13. The McDonald's Unhappy Meal Prank

Next time you get a McDonald’s keep the box. Then a few weeks later tell your brother you’ve bought him a happy meal. He certainly won’t be happy when he discovers it’s not really filled with delicious and unhealthy junk food made from strange animal parts, instead it’s full of healthy carrot sticks! what a disappointment!

14. The Pasta Pest Prank!

Next time your Grown Up‘s make Pasta Pesto leave a giant plastic creepy crawly on the side of the plate. Pasta and Pest… Oh!

15. The Wakey Snakey Prank!

Hide a plastic snake in the bottom of your brother’s bed. This is a great one if you share a room as you’ll get to hear his panicked screams as he find it, a few minutes after lights out!  

16. The “Cerealously?” Prank!

Fill a bowl with cereal and then cover it with clingfilm. Give it to your brother when he’s bleary eyed and pass him the milk. It’ll go all over the table!

17. Evil Easter Egg Eater Prank! 

Next time you get loads of Easter chocolate, don’t eat it. Instead, unwrap it and hide it somewhere (safely wrapped in new tinfoil). Then show the empty packaging to your brother and say you feel sad because you’ve eaten it all already! If he’s mean he’ll spend ages gloating over you while he gobbles his chocolate all up. That’s when, BOOM, you get out your saved choclate and pay him back tenfold. It’s funny and it’ll teach him a valuable lesson too!

18. Lego Birthday Prank!

Next time you buy your brother some birthday lego wrap up ever single piece separately! It will take you ages but that’s part of the joke. His mind will boggle at the amount of time you’ve taken for this epic prank!

19. The Pocket Pants Prank!

Hide a pair of underpants in the pocket of your brothers school trousers. Most likely he’ll think they’re a tissue and get them out in the middle of class to blow his nose! Classic!

20. Birthday T-Shirt Prank!

Take a picture of your brother pulling a funny face and put it on a t-shirt for an awesome brithday present. The next year take a picture of him wearing the t-shirt and put that on a new t-shirt. Repeat every year for the rest of your lives.