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12 Best Pranks To Play On Someone Sleeping

Looking for ways to prank your sleeping friends and family? These top 12 snoozy suggestions are absolute bed-lam!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2023

Are you organising a sleepover? Have a friend who keeps falling asleep? Or maybe you just LOVE pranking sleepy people? Either way, these top 12 prank ideas should keep you busy for a while! But before we get started, let's talk about the Golden Rule! Ahem...

The Golden Rule:

Never be mean with your pranks! Don't take them too far, and never prank someone you think will get upset. Put yourself in their shoes and if you think the prank is still funny, it's probably OK. If you wouldn't want someone to do it to you - then don't do it to them! Got it? OK - let's go!

1. Wrapping paper prank!

A man holding lots of toilet rolls

If your family member is a heavy sleeper and have a keen interest in Ancient Egypt, why not wrap them in a few rolls of toilet paper and turn them into a mummy?

2. Soapy toes prank!

If a person sleeps with their feet out of the duvet, creep in and blob some hand soap on their toes. It won't wake them up but they'll spend the rest of the night trying to rub it off in their sleep and wonder why their feet smell so fresh!

3. The Time Traveller

Whilst your pal is softly snoozing, go round the house changing all the clocks. You can move time forward a few hours, and they'll wake up thinking they're already late. Or if you want to be really sneaky - wind the time BACK a few hours! That way they'll waste loads of time before they realise they need to rush off somewhere! Top tip - don't do this one if they have to do something important the next day!

4. The coma patient

OK - this one takes some acting skills! Whilst your victim is asleep, dress up like a doctor and start saying things like "Can you hear me? This is Dr Harris - you've been in a coma for 10 years... Can you hear me? The year is 2035 and Paul Hollywood is Prime Minister..." Be creative with the script and see if they fall for it!

5. The makeover

This one's a classic! Very, very gently take some makeup and give your sleeping victim a fresh look! Maybe they'd appreciate some blusher on their cheekbones, or a big fake moustache! Be careful of the eyes, by the way - and be prepared for your victim to be pretty annoyed! Make sure you remember the Golden Rule too!

6. The phone in a bottle prank

This is a great one for sleepy heads who've just woken up and aren't sure what's going on - especially if they use their phones as an alarm! First, get an EMPTY drinks bottle and carefully remove the label (remember to make sure it's not wet inside). Cut a small hole in the bottle (ask for help from an adult if you need to) and slot your victims phone in. Then replace the label and put it on their bedside table, with the hole side facing away. When their alarm goes off in the morning they'll be really confused about how their phone got inside a bottle - and have no idea how to get it out!

7. Give them weird dreams

Whilst they sleep quietly play them weird sound mixes on Youtube and see if they end up affecting their dreams! Things like "10 hour ASMR squelch noises" or "8 hours of cats meowing" are all excellent choices!

8. Spooky wake-up call

Put on a spooky halloween mask or costume, and carefully get into bed with your victim. Gently snuggle up next to them, face to face, and wait for them to open their eyes! Try and get as close as you can to their face before they wake up for maximum shock! If they're a really deep sleeper, you can always make soft grunting noises until they realise you're there!

9. Haunted house

Here's another scary one! Whilst your victim is asleep, dress up like a ghost (or alien, vampire, werewolf etc) and haunt their bedroom! If you want to take it to the next level you can even play some scary sound effects, open all the windows so the curtains flap around, or get some friends to make scary noises from the next room!

10. The photographer

This one only works if your victim has a phone - but it's a good fun one! Take your sleeping friend's phone and open the camera - most phones let you do this without knowing the password. Now take loads of funny selfies! Your friend will have a lovely relaxing sleep, and won't realise they've been pranked until they check their photos and see all the pics of you pouting on their phone!

11. Hidden messages

Use your friend's relaxing snooze as an opportunity to hide some funny notes in their clothes, bags or other stuff. Remember to keep the messages fun and not mean, by the way! Some ideas could be: a joke treasure map in their pencil case, a fake receipt for dog-fart flavour jellybeans, or a new intro for their ID card!

12. Change of scenery!

Whilst your victim is asleep, give their bedroom a total makeover! The more you can do without waking them up the better. You could just rearrange their furniture, or even dress the room up like the inside of an alien space ship or haunted house! Whatever you pick, they'll be in for a shock when they wake up!