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Cat Picture Quiz: Can You Identify These Kitties?

Do you love cats? Do you think you can identify every kind of cat, ever??? This is the quiz for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 3rd 2023

Are you a cat lover? Then this is the quiz for you! See if you know your cat breeds, and see if you can get the top score - we know you can do it, you're PAW-some! Plus, even if you don't succeed, you get to look at cute cat pictures. There's literally no way to lose here! Don't forget, we've got more feline fun ready for you when you're finished! See if you can name these famous cats, or learn all about black cats and ragdolls!


What would you call this kind of cat?


How about this cat?


Is this cat lucky or unlucky?


What's this cat?


Can you recognise this lovely boi?


What's this floppy friend?


Who is this strange, tail-less friend?


What's this beauty called?


What about this cat?


What kind of cat is Puss in Boots?

Oh no - looks like you need to start from scratch! Don't worry, you can always give the quiz another go!

Not bad - you know your felines! Why not see if you can get a higher score? We believe in you!

Great work - you're a feline fan! We bet you can get a purr-fect score though - why not try again and see?

PURR-fect! You're a feline fanatic! Well done!