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CFAK Quiz: Are You a Cowboy, Fairy, Angel or Knight?

If you've done this quiz on TikTok, you're gonna love this version! Find out more about your unique personality type - are you a cowboy, a fairy, an angel or a knight?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 24th 2023

Did you take this trending TikTok quiz? What were your results??? Whatever you got, it's time to find out if it matches up to your Beano results! Are you a noble knight, or an ethereal angel? Our personality quiz will find your match, perfectly! And we have so many more personality quizzes, too - ever wondered which country you are? Or who your dark academia style icon is?


Pick a fantasy creature!


Choose an element!


Which breakfast food sounds amazing?


Pick a historic era!


Choose a carbohydrate!


What's your favourite colour?


Pick a city to visit!


How would you like to travel there?


Pick a plant!


Which cake would you love to eat?


You're a cowboy! You're confident, fearless, and a total trendsetter! You're the kind of person who gets stuff done, and isn't afraid to fail!


You're a fairy! Fun fact - this is the rarest result! You're very creative and you think differently from everyone else, which makes you an interesting person to have around! You're also a little bit magic - don't forget it!


You're an angel! You're a kind, empathetic person, and the best kind of friend anyone can have! You're also very sensible and you have a good sense of judgement.


You're a knight! You're brave, creative, and you have a strong moral code! You're a total ride-or-die friend, and you're no pushover!