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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: January 31st 2022

Cliff Diver

Make like Tom Daley and somersault your way to ultimate victory!

Can you make the perfect jump, pull a triple somersault then nail your splashdown?

You will need split-second timing and fast reflexes to score maximum points in this awesome diving game. 


Click and hold to start your jump move. 

Release when you think it’s the best moment to take off – don’t wait too long or you’ll jump backwards into the cliff! Ouch!

Once you’re in the air, click again to start your somersault and release in time to hit the water as close to vertical as you can make it. 


It’s better to do one less somersault and make a good landing than to go for an extra spin and belly flop into the water! Nobody wins with a belly flop!