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Duncan Quiz: Can You Blitz It?

Are you the ultimate expert in all things Duncan? It's time to see with this Duncan quiz, all about the famous YouTuber and gamer! Have a go and see how you do!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2022

Just how much do you know about this YouTuber, gamer and all round great guy? It's time to find out, with our expertly crafted Duncan quiz! Answer some questions and see how much you know!

1/10 Birthday cake with dinosaur and paw

When is Duncan's birthday?

2/10 UK map with question marks

Where is he from?

3/10 Duncan
Duncan | YouTube

Which of these is NOT one of his usernames?

Duncan | YouTube

What sort of videos does he do?


Who is his avatar based on?

6/10 Two hands drawing a derpy giraffe

True or false: he is left-handed?

7/10 Dunca
Duncan | YouTube

What's the name of the wizard he created in Mincraft?

8/10 Some angry coffee

Which of these is a username he uses?

9/10 Duncan avatar on glitter background
Roblox | Roblox Corp.

What's the name of the YouTuber group he's in?

10/10 Art dog on paint background

What does Duncan have a degree in?

Lowest result

Noooooo! Looks like you've failed this one - you don't know Duncan at all! Maybe you were thinking of renowned theatre and film actor Lindsay Duncan? No? Well, try again anyway!

Try again result

You might have stumbled across Duncan once, but it's clear you're not a real fan! Try again and see if you've learned anything new!

Well done result

Nice job! You must be a big fan of Duncan and his videos! But can you get full marks? Have another go and see if you're his ultimate fan!

Highest result

Woah, are you Duncan himself? You aced this! Nice job! As a reward, why not go and watch some of your favourite Duncan videos?