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Can You Get a Perfect 10 in this Earth Day Quiz?

Earth Day is about the world teaming up to protect our planet. How much do you know about this important event?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 19th 2022

Every year, Earth Day is a global occasion to emphasise how important it is to show our global home some love and learn how to protect the environment. How much do you know about this annual event? Reckon you can achieve a perfect score? Then take the quiz and find out!

1/10 A llama looking at the earth

How many people take part in Earth Day each year?


Where is Earth?


What is Earth Day?


When is Earth Day?


What is the theme for Earth Day 2022?


6/10 Last century, 20 Million Americans took to the street to protest against damage being done to the environment. It was the first Earth Day. What was the year?


In 2016, the United Nations chose Earth Day as the day when a historic agreement on climate change was signed into force. Where was it signed?

8/10 A president standing at a podium

Who pulled the USA out of this agreement, saying "It's freezing in New York"?


Will an Earth Day event be going on near me?


Why is it important to have an Earth Day?

Activist Level: Earthworm. Like an Earthworm you're an essential part of the earth's ecosystem but don't have much clue about Earth Day.

Activist Level: Moderate. You know quite a bit about this stuff. Ask your teacher or your grown up about Earth Day and how you can get involved.

Activist Level: Greta. You're an excellent activist. Find out more about Earth Day and get involved.