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Try This Swingingly Easy Spider-Man Quiz!

It's time to put your Spider-Man trivia skills on high-alert because it's quiz time! See how many you can get right!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 19th 2022

Is it an ant? Is it a fly? No! It's a Spider-Man quiz! If you're into the web-headed saviour of the city, then this is a great place to start. Test your knowledge with this amazing trivia quiz!

1/10 A strawberry made to look like Spider-Man

Spider-Man was bitten by a....

2/10 A pink strawberry made to look like Spider-Man

What colour is regular Spider-Man?

3/10 A woman and a large spider

What is Spider-Man's real name?

4/10 A strawberry made to look like Spider-Man and some puppies

What does Spider-Man shoot from his wrists?

5/10 A mysterious splat surrounded by question marks

What is Spider-Man's superpower?

6/10 A house with a cheeky face

Spider-Man lived with his ______ and _________?

7/10 A strawberry made to look like Spider-Man, reading the paper on the sofa

What newspaper does Peter Parker work for?

8/10 A strawberry made to look like Spider-Man

How many legs do actual spiders have?

9/10 A strawberry made to look like Spider-Man and an actual spider

Is Spider-Man scared of spiders?

10/10 An evil courgette

Who is this enemy of Spider-Man?

Uh Oh Result

Uh oh! Did you fall asleep while swinging through the buildings? Mary-Jane is gonna be disappointed! Fancy having another go?

Good Effort Result

Good effort, but the city isn't gonna save itself with scores like that! Get back to your Spider-lair and put some practice in - you can do it!

Great Stuff Result

That's the Green Goblin down, but what about Dr Octopus? Quiz-city isn't quite safe yet - have another go and see if you can do better!

Awesome Work Result

Congrats! The city is saved, and it's all down to you and your amazing knowledge of Spider-Man. Well done, you're the best!