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Choose Some Emojis And We'll Tell You What Fortnite Character You're Most Like

Which Fortnite character do you want to play as? Just pick some emojis and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 15th 2023

OK, the rules are simple! You select some emojis, and we'll use them to work out which character from Fortnite is the best match for your personality. And you can play as them next time you have a go at Fortnite! Sound like fun? If not we have loads of other quizzes.... but if it does (and it does) then let's get picking some emojis!

Come on then!


1/10 Pick one of these!


2/10 Next!


3/10 What's next, Fortnite fan?


4/10 Choose your favourite emoji out of these 4!


5/10 Now pick one of these:


6/10 Keep going!


7/10 Hmm. Juggler? Pancake? Agh! This is a tough one!


8/10 Interesting. Which one will you pick?


9/10 Good work. Almost there!


10/10 Last one!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Renegade Raider!

You're a pretty rare character, and definitely one that can handle herself! Your emoji results say that Renegade Raider is the character for you. She's the character that's been on the Lost Island for the longest - so you really know how to play the game! Sound about right? Take this quiz again if you'd like a different resultr!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Jonesy!

There are LOADS of different versions of Jonesy, all of which would suit you down to the ground. There's Scuba Jonesy, Castaway Jonesy, even Cozy Knit Jonesy! Whicehevr JOnesy you pick you want a character that's a classic hero and can win the match with style. Well, Jonesy is the one for you!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're Sunflower!

You're the farmer from Chapter 4: Season 1 - the amazing Sunflower! You're determined to protect your farm from outsiders, and are a skilled player who can even ollie on a tractor (really?)! If you'd rather a different character, have another go at this quiz and see who you get next time! Get orf my land!

Fortnite | Epic Games

You're the Black Knight!

Not much is known about this mysterious character - apart from him being the very first legendary character in Fortnite! This is obviously a character for a seriously hardcore Fortnite player, who's focussed on winning and really means business. So just like you, right?