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Epic FIFA 22 Player Ratings Quiz!

How much do you know about the FIFA ratings in the latest edition of the football game? Take the quiz and see how many you can get right!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 23rd 2021

FIFA 22 is out and it's their greatest edition yet with some fantastic new features and exciting gameplay. But how much do you know about the FIFA ratings of the stars that appear on the game?

Take the quiz and see how much you know about the beautiful game!

1/10 Paris Saint-Germain in FIFA 22
FIFA 22 | EA Sports

Which Paris Saint-Germain player has a rating of 93?

2/10 Kevin De Bruyne

What overall rating does Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne have?

3/10 Paul Pogba ratings

What rating does Manchester United's Paul Pogba have for pace?

4/10 Trent Alexander-Arnold rating

What rating does Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold have for dribbling?

5/10 Youri Tielemans FIFA ratings

What is Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans' overall rating?

6/10 Fran Kirby FIFA rating

What is England star Fran Kirby's overall rating?

7/10 Atletico Madrid player João Félix
FIFA 22 | EA Sports

When it comes to physicality, what is Atletico Madrid player João Félix's rating?

8/10 Jack Grealish FIFA rating

What is Manchester City star Jack Grealish's rating when it comes to defending?

9/10 David Silva FIFA rating

What is the overall rating for Real Sociedad's David Silva?

10/10 Jorginho FIFA rating

What is Chelsea midfielder Jorginho's rating for dribbling?

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Good try! Why not have another go? We believe in you!

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Great work! You know a fair bit about FIFA's player rankings, don't you?


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