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Feet First Fabrizio Romano Quiz!

Pow! It’s time to test your F.R knowledge! Will you make the grade?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2023

Fabrizio is one of the leading sports journalists working today! But how well do you know them? Are you the kind of football fanatic that can call the ins and outs of the beautiful game like Fabrizio? There’s only one way to find out so let’s put your knowledge to the test! Shall we go?!


What sport does Fabrizio usually write about?


Which country is he from?


What part of the sport does he focus on?


What year was he born?


Which of these languages doesn’t he speak?


What is his famous tagline?


Which Danish player did he confirm the transfer of in 2020?


How old was he when he became a sports journalist?


What is more important to Fabrizio when it comes to news?


What colour are his eyes?

Oh dear! It’s a good job you didn’t gamble on your score! Who could have predicted this result? Well, maybe Fabrizio could have done, but heck, he’s not here! But don’t worry, Fabrizio didn’t become the sports sensation overnight, it took time and patience and above all practice, it’s not magic. So why not have another try and see if you can score higher?

Alright! Well done! You’re getting somewhere now, you’ve got the kind of knowledge that Fabrizio relies on when it comes to making the big transfer predictions! This kind of brain can take you a long way so look after it! But if you think that you can score better then why not try again and see if you can lift that trophy? Or at least write about it online later!

Awesome! You know almost everything that there is to know about Fabrizio! You’re the kind of person that knows what's going to happen just before it does, it’s like a sixth sense, except maybe it only works when that thing is really obvious! Fabrizio is so skilled at predictions he knows weeks in advance, so you’ve still got some work to do, why not have another go at the quiz and take it from there?

Woah! Fair enough! You know everything that there is to know about Fabrizio! Nice work! Maybe with this kind of knowledge you could put it to good use and start making your own predictions on the world of football?! You never know, it’s worth a shot! Well done though! You’ve smashed this quiz, why not check out some of the others we’ve got on the site too?

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