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Got questions? Well we’ve got the answers!

The ace of hearts.



If those aren’t the answers you’re looking for, see below. These are the answers to frequently asked questions about Beano and For more information about Beano, or if you need help, please contact us.

The Beano comic

Is the Beano comic still going?

100% yes. The comic is BOLDER and BETTER LOOKING than ever before! More jokes, bigger stories and every week a reader makes all the big decisions. You can subscribe to the comic here and it’s available weekly from newsagents.

What about the Beano Annual?

There’s not only the Beano Annual, but the Dandy Annual too. Both are published every year, and looking totally awesome! All our latest annuals, plus personalised Beano annuals from almost any year, are available from the Beano Shop (kids can browse here).

How do I access should work on any regular computer, tablet or phone with a modern browser.

Which browsers are supported?

The two most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Edge and Chrome.

Do you have advertising on

Just as the Beano comic always has been, we are partially funded by brands. Unlike many digital destinations we handpick the brands we work with to make sure kids only see what’s appropriate for them.

One of the ways we work with brands is by asking questions. When kids do some activities on, like take a quiz, they might see a question along the lines of “What was the last mobile app you used?”. The answers are 100% anonymous and these surveys are clearly marked and optional.

Will you collect information about me or my child?

We are truly committed to children’s online privacy issues and enabling a safe environment for them in the digital space, this is why we are a member of PRIVO’s COPPA Safe Harbor program.

We collect cookies to help us create a better service and to serve up better entertainment for kids. We do not use cookie tracking technologies for the purpose of online behavioural advertisements: see our cookie policy for more information.

What is 3rd Party Content?

We have scoured the web to find the best videos, animated GIFs and other fun stuff from around the internet to gather together on and our content creators are very careful about what they choose. However, this content is not made by Beano, and those players or other embedded widgets may drop cookies (for more detail see our cookie policy).

Will anyone be able to chat or send information to other users on

No, we’ve designed to be totally safe for kids. It is an online destination parents can trust and, despite our mischievous heritage, it’s the one thing we don’t joke about. Everything is handpicked or handmade by our content creators. If, despite all this, you see something that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know by contacting us with a link to the page on

I’ve seen some Beano products on your website, does it mean my kid(s) can spend money in the Beano Shop?

From time to time we feature cool things in the Beano comic and we do the same online. Don’t worry, our shop operates like any other and you cannot buy anything unless you have a debit or credit card. We encourage kids to talk to an adult if they see a product they want to buy and our links between and the Beano Shop display an interstitial page to direct kids to stick to