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The Ultimate FC Dallas Quiz!

Only super-fans of this Texas team will get a perfect score. Will you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 20th 2023

Texas has a few teams who are part of the MLS Western Conference. There's Austin FC, Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas. How much do you know about this Dallas club? You can prove if you're an expert by scoring a perfect score in this sensational soccer quiz. Let's do this!

1/10 FC Dallas badge

In what year was the club founded?


Which of the following is NOT the club’s nickname?

3/10 FC Dallas stadium name

What’s the name of the team’s stadium?


What were the club called originally?

5/10 A big crowd gathered at a football match

What's their stadium's capacity?

6/10 The Texas Flag

In which year did they change their name to FC Dallas?

7/10 Hands holding a trophy aloft

The team have won the U.S. Open Cup five times. True or false?

8/10 A Texas Longhorn

The team has a bull as their mascot. But what is his name?

9/10 Two older footballer players

Which team are their main rivals?

10/10 A singing football fan

The team once had an anthem called 'H-O-O-P-S Yes!'. Now, is this a fact or a big fib?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Are you more of a Dallas Cowboys fan? That's fine, but the wrong type of sports trivia quiz. Why not pick something else on We've got HUNDREDS of quizzes to choose from!

Result: Good try

Good try! You displayed a decent amount of knowledge about this particular Texas team, but there's a long road ahead before achieving a perfect score. Let's start again!

Result: Great work

Great work! You know loads about FC Dallas but narrowly missed out on a perfect score. Why not have another go and see if you can do even better!

Result: Wow

Wow! You know so much about FC Dallas, we almost gave you more than 10 points. Exceptional performance on the trivia field today!

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