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Are You the FIFA GOAT or an Actual Goat?

When it comes to playing FIFA, are you the greatest of all time or just a total goat? This quiz will tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 14th 2023

If you love football and gaming, then it's highly likely that you're a massive fan of the FIFA game. But when it comes to gameplay, are you the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) or a goat (an actual goat)? You might think you're legend when it's time to kick off, but this scientific quiz will give you a definitive answer!

The referee is about to blow their whistle. Good luck!

1/10 A gamer and a goat enjoying a game of FIFA

What's your playing style?

2/10 A goat and some gaming controllers

How do you prepare for a game?

3/10 Harry Maguire in FIFA 23
EA Sports

Which team do you insist on being?


4/10 Who's your favourite player out of these four legends?

5/10 A gamer and a goat

How do you celebrate when you hit the back of the net?

6/10 MattHDGamer
@matthdgamer | Instagram

What's the secret to being a great FIFA player, like MattHDGamer?

7/10 An embarrassed gamer

What's your most embarrassing moment when playing the game?

8/10 A gamer holding a controller

Do you feel you could take anyone on and win?

9/10 A goat crying because they're losing at FIFA

Do you insist on watching the replay of every goal?

10/10 A gamer grandad

Do you wear a piece of lucky clothing when playing FIFA?

Result: FIFA G.O.A.T
EA Sports

You are a FIFA GOAT!

You're a master tactician and have lightning reflexes when it comes to pressing the buttons on the controller. You play in a way that would be the envy of all opposing teams and you've never lost a game... ever!

Result: Goat

You are a goat!

Those little hooves can't cope with the small buttons on a gaming console controller. And besides, what are you doing in the living room? You know the rules, Keith!