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Pick These FIFA Moves and We'll Give You Your Favourite Premier League Team

Pulling off a spectacular skill move in Fifa can change a game - but what do your favourite moves say about you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2023

A well timed Rabono can outsmart even the most professional keeper, but what is your favourite style of sneaky cheeky skills and what does it say about you?! Try out our specially designed quiz and it’ll spit out which Premiere league team you REALLY support - the results might be surprising, but you can’t argue with the facts! Let’s go!


How useful is a standing ball juggle?


You’re faced with a defender on the wing, what do you do?


You’re one on one with the keeper, what do you do?


What is ‘doing a Russo’ to you?


Which skill button do you prefer?


What does Roulette mean to you?


What does nutmeg mean to you?


How does a ball hop help you most?


You’ve messed up a Hocus Pocus and fallen on the floor, how do you react?


What skill move is the hardest for you?

Manchester United FC

Manchester United

You’re most like the Red Devils! This team has a long history of powerful play and great teamwork! They might not be quite as good as they used to be, but under the right management and on the right day United could be the team to really shake things up! What a result! Don’t like the result, why not have another go?

Liverpool FC


You’re a true Red and deep down Liverpool fan! At least that’s what your results say about you anyway! Maybe you just don’t know it yet! Liverpool are famous for their solid defence and excellent ability up front. A little chip here, a little drag back there, and before you know it you’re through on goal, epic.

West Bromwich Albion

West Brom

Awesome, now this team might not be in the Prem, but they've got a rich history and a true passion for beautiful football. Deep down the baggies are a team to admire, they'll try a flick here and there, and although their skills rarely come off, and they usually trip over the ball, they keep going, just like you!

Arsenal FC


You're an Arsenal fan, you might not know it, but you are, there you go, we said it! Arsenal love to pass it about, right up into their opponent's box, and to do that requires skills, and sometimes a little bit of magic to Rabono pass it with a tasty through ball. Before you know it, you're singing with the fans! Great result!