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Name The Fortnite Skin Quiz

Test your knowledge of Fortnite facts with this Fortnite skin quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 9th 2023
1/11 A Marvel Fortnite skin
Fortnite | Epic Games

Which Marvel Fortnite skin could this be?

2/11 Indiana Jones Fortnite Skin
Fortnite | Epic Games

How do you unlock this Indiana Jones skin?

3/11 A Manga skin in Fortnite
Fortnite | Epic Games

How many new Naruto skins were available in Fortnite in the summer of 2022?

4/11 Woman thinking on yellow background

How many Fortnite skins are there?

5/11 Fortnite screenshot
Fortnite | Epic Games

Which of these is NOT a rare skin?

6/11 Woman thinking on a pink background

How do you get a skin?

7/11 Shark and pineapple

What's the name of the skin which includes a shark costume?

8/11 Scene from Fortnite
Fortnite | Epic Games

Which of these is NOT a popular Fortnite skin?

9/11 Orange with a smiley face

What does the 'Peely' skin look like?

10/11 Fortnite screenshot
Fortnite | Epic Games

Which of these is a default skin?

11/11 British phonebox

What is a  Phone Booth used for?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Wow! You know everything about Fortnite skins! Change your skin to 'Fortnite Expert'!

Result: well done
Fortnite | Epic Games

Well done! You've obviously played a lot of Fortnite!

Result: Nice try
Fortnite | Epic Games

Nice try! You've heard of skins but you're no expert! Try the quiz again and see if you learn anything new!

Result: Oh no
Fortnite | Epic Games

Oh no! What happened there? Nevermind, just a great excuse to play more Fortnite!