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Are You A True Fan of Fulham FC? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Are you a fan of these London footballing originals? Take this fantastic footie quiz and test your knowledge of Fulham FC!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  September 15th 2023

They're one of the oldest football teams in London, and a big part of the history of the game. But how much do you know about these plucky goalscorers? It doesn't matter if you're a super fan or Fulham's biggest rival - there'll be something to test your football knowledge in this sensational sports quiz!

Ok it's kickoff... time to find out how much you know about Fulham FC!


OK! Everyone knows Fulham is from London... but what part of London?

@fulhamfc | instagram

When was Fulham FC founded?


What's the name of their stadium?


What are Fulham's usual kit colours?


Which of these is NOT a real nickname for Fulham supporters?

Hugh Grant | Wikimedia Commons

Posh actor Hugh Grant is a lifelong Fulham fan. True or false?

7/10 A footballer about to kick the ball

How many times have Fulham won a major trophy?

8/10 Mo Salah and his pet cat
@mosalah | Instagram

Mo Salah played for Fulham once. True or false?


What is Fulham's mascot?


Who are Fulham's greatest rivals?

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