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26 Question Funny Christmas 2022 Quiz for Kids!

How much of this funny Xmas trivia do you know?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 16th 2022

In the run-up to Christmas, it’s important to remember several things: be nice (if you want to stay on Santa’s list), make some cards and be helpful around the house – because there’s lots of stuff to do for the big day. 

But just as important than any of these things, is to flex your trivia muscle and try your hand at our funny festive quizzes. That’s right. Here’s a whopping 26 questions about Christmas traditions with multiple choice answers which aren’t entirely serious.

Are you ready? Reckon you could get a perfect score? Then let’s go!

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It's traditional to decorate your house with what?

2/26 An elf on an ice shelf

How would a scientist describe snow in a chemical formula?

3/26 Reindeer and candy canes

Candy canes are popular at Christmas because the represent what?

4/26 A cat and some tinsel

What is tinsel made out of?

5/26 Turkeys on Christmas Island

Where is Christmas Island?

6/26 Christmas Cracker

What are you most likely to find in a Christmas cracker?

7/26 A snowman

What's Frosty the Snowman’s nose made out of?

8/26 Santa dragging a bag of presents

While delivering his gifts, how many times does Santa Claus check his list?

9/26 Shoes with bells on

What do children traditionally leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

10/26 A reindeer sticking its tongue out

Donner the reindeer is named after which weather sound?

11/26 Mistletoe and two Brussels sprouts

Under which type plant do people kiss at Christmas?

12/26 Baby Santa

Santa was born in Patara. But which modern country is this known as today?

13/26 A Christmas bauble

What does Noel mean in Latin?

14/26 A mouse and a duck in the snow

People in Sweden watch a Donald Duck every Christmas Eve. True or false?

15/26 Christmas stocking

What does Santa leave for children who have been naughty?

16/26 Santa Claus on the telephone

Which of the following is not one of Santa’s names?

17/26 Holly

What is holly for?

18/26 Horrible Mr Blobby

Krampus is an Alpine figure who punishes naughty children at Christmas. But what does he look like?

19/26 Christmas Pudding

What is it lucky to find in a Christmas Pudding?

20/26 Pooping log

In Catalan, children get presents from a log  - but how does the log give them to the children?

21/26 Horses pulling sleigh through snow

What holiday was the song 'Jingle Bells' actually written for?

22/26 Oliver Cromwell

True or false: at one point in England, celebrating Christmas was ILLEGAL?

23/26 Fried Chicken

In Japan, what is traditionally done on Christmas day?

24/26 Grinning snowman on white background

How tall was the tallest recorded snowman?

25/26 Reindeer on firtree background

What were Father Christmas's reindeer, Donner and Blitzen,  originally called?

26/26 Werewolf in the woods

Historically, in some parts of Europe, being born on Christmas day was supposed to make you a what?

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