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Funny Facts

These funny facts will blow your mind AND split your sides! We've collected the best funny facts from around the planet.

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

These facts are so funny and brain-boggling you'll split your sides laughing and blow your mind at the same time. Not a pretty sight! Once you've cleaned up the mess, there's some more fun facts, seriously quizzical quizzes, and some pretty awful jokes for you to enjoy!

1. Wombats do cuboid poop

As it takes so long for a wombat to poo, they have to hold loads of waste in their guts. The cubed shape helps them store waste, because the cubes fit together nice and neatly.

2. Cows moo in regional accents!

Scientists decided to study cow accents after farmers noticed their cows had different moos depending on where they lived.

3. It's impossible to hum while holding your nose

It just is. Try it if you don't believe me!

4. Phones are grosser than toilets!

According to research by germ scientists, your mobile phone carries 18 times more harmful germs than the toilet handle in a men's restroom. NOW WASH YOUR HANDS.

5. The worlds biggest manufacturer of tires is...

LEGO! The toy company produces about 305 million tires a year! (They just happen to be tiny)

6. The inventor of the Frisbee was turned Into a Frisbee

Toy-making genius, Edward "Steady Ed" Headrick's dying wish was that his cremated ashes would be moulded into a limited edition set of frisbees! 

7. When a sloth does a poo it loses one third of its body weight!

Ouch! That's one heck of a massive poop!

8. The inventor of M&Ms was allergic to peanuts

Forrest Mars (not pictured), the founder of Mars Inc was allergic to peanuts, the key ingredient of an M&M. We thank him for his selfless and delicious creativity. 

9. Lobsters pee out of their faces

Their bladders are located in their heads!

10. Say what, Rhubarb?

In the right conditions Rhubarb develops so quickly you can hear it growing. Experienced rhubarb farmers say it sounds like whale song.