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20 Funny Pranks To Do On Family!

Want to play some blam practical jokes on your family but unsure about what's the best one? Check out this amazing guide for perfect pranks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 24th 2022

Practical jokes. Acts of cheeky trickery. Pranks. We all love them, right? Here, then, are 20 blam pranks – branks? – to play on your family. But remember the Golden Rule! Never take a prank too far and don't play a prank on anyone who you think might be upset. Pranks are meant to be fun for everyone! Oh, and check with an adult before you start! 

OK, you may need a lot of socks for the first one...

1. The Sock Invasion Prank!

A man holding a smelly sock

When everyone in your home is busy, carefully go into their sock drawers and leave them in random places around the house. Drape them over chairs, pop them on door handles, everywhere! Say nothing and deny all knowledge of what has happened. It will be a stinky mystery!

2. The Sleepy Beard Prank!

Sleepy prank

If you siblings or grown ups are heavy sleepers, then this is the prank for you. If you wake up a bit before them, sneak into their room with a washable marker – NOT a permanent one! – and gently draw a beard or moustache on them. If they have a beard or moustache already, how about a pair of glasses or the word 'HELLO!' on their forehead. Sneak away and listen out for their confusion when they look in the mirror. Pretend to be asleep when they ask what has happened for extra prank skills!

3. The Whoopee Cushion Prank!

This prank is a classic and never gets boring. Get a whoopee cushion and slide it onto someone's chair as they're about to sit down. The cushion will let out a huge farting sound and everyone will think your family member has done a stinky let off just before dinner! Urgh!

4. The iPhone Bottle Prank!

Get a grown up to help you with this prank! You need a large, dry water bottle with a slit cut down one side. 'Borrow' another grown up's smartphone and slide it into the bottle. Using some clear sticky tape, seal the bottle shut and ask them if they'd like a drink of water. Offer them this bottle and they'll be AMAZED to see their phone inside. How did it get inside there? It's like an old-fashioned ship in a bottle, but with technology instead. Shrug and say you have no idea, without smiling or bursting out laughing. Fiendish!

5. The Healthy Snack Prank!

No-one can resist the offer of a crisp or similar snack (we think), which is why this prank will work 100% of the time – every time! Swap these popular orange snacks with a handful of baby carrots. They're the same colour and about the same size. Just think of the look on their face when you've tricked them into eating an excellent source of vitamin A and other goodness!

6. The Ice Cold Cereal Prank!

A bowl of frozen cereal

Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk overnight for a very cool breakfast time prank! They won't have a clue what's going on! Why isn't the cereal moving? Why is everything extra cold? Make sure there's enough cereal for everyone before start their day, though. Be a considerate prankster!

7. The Mashed Potato Cone!

This is an ice cream prank with a difference! The next time your family or friends are relaxing in the garden, ask if anyone would like a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cone. Choose one person to get a cone full of mashed potato! It looks the same and will totally surprise them! Don't forget to give them some actual ice cream later. Unless they're really happy with their potato dessert.

8. The Mystery Cereal Prank!

If you've got a couple of different boxes of cereal in the house, simply swap the bags and put them in the other boxes. When someone sits down to have their favourite breakfast cereal, they'll pour out something completely different!

9. The Text Prank!

Text your prankee that you've lost your phone and ask if they could call you, so they can help you find it. As soon as they call your phone, answer it as if nothing has happened! Later on, ask them if they wondered how you were able to send a text in the first place!

10. The Family Photo Prank!

Why not carefully swap a framed family photo with a picture from the Beano and leave it where you found it. See how long it takes for someone to notice that your relatives are, in fact, Beanotown's iconic duo!

11. The Cold Cuppa Prank!

Get a grown up to help you with this one! When someone settles down for a cup of tea they've just made, get them to leave the room to do something, then quickly swap it for a cold one in an identical cup. When they go for a sip, they'll be completely confused!

12. The Binocular Prank!

The next time you go birdwatching with your family, take a black washable marker with you. When people are taking turns to look more closely at a blam warbler, smear the marker on the black rubber rings which you look through. The next person who uses the binoculars after you will be left looking like a human panda. Great stuff!

13. The Hat Prank!

A man in a cowboy hat

Next time you go for a day out, secretly pack a selection of different hats. Every time your family turn their back to look at something interesting, change your hat! See how many times you can do it before someone notices!

14. The Balloon Prank!

Blow up a load of balloons with a pal and fill a grown ups room with them. Simple but very, very effective. Plus, you get to play with the balloons afterwards. Floaty football, anyone?

15. The Eyeball Ice Cube Prank!

Ice cube prank

If you have some white modelling clay or table tennis balls, you could make a googly eyeball and freeze them in an ice cube tray. Offer to make a nice cold drink and stand back to watch the look on their faces.

16. The Brownies Prank!

Lots of people love the idea of having some free cake, so this prank is a sure-fire winner! To do this, cut out the letter E from a piece of brown paper or card. Ask your family if they’d like a plate of brownies, and they’ll expect a delicious cakey snack... but they’ll literally get a brown E. Genius!

17. The Light Switch Prank!

Light switch prank

With a small piece of sticky tape, you can prevent a light switch from being turned on or off. It'll take your intended prank receiver a moment to realise what's happening and by then, you can hide around the corner and ask them what's up!

18. The Laptop Prank!

A laptop wallpaper prank

This is a simple prank but will get great results. Simply get someone to take a photo of you pressed against some glass, then use the image for a cool new desktop for the family computer. The next person to switch the computer on will think you're trapped inside. Maybe.

19. The Bedsheet Prank!

Bedsheet prank

Offering to help change the bedsheets will always be appreciated, but it will give you the opportunity to play the classic 'short-sheet' prank. Basically, you fold the top sheet halfway down the bed, then tuck it in. When a family memebr climbs into their wonderfully fresh bed, their feet stop halfway. They might think they've grown really tall during the day, but only for a split second. It'll be worth it though!

20. The Scary Door Prank!

You'll need some help with this one. Hide behind a door and ask your accomplice to suggest that you heard someone knocking. When the door opens, say 'Hellooooooo' in a really loud voice. They'll shriek but you won't hear them because you'll be too busy laughing at the perfect hiding-behind-a-door prank. A classic.