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10 Funny Toilet Pranks To Try At Home

It's time to learn some of the best, silliest and grossest toilet pranks to try on your friends and family!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 24th 2022

Are you ready for the ultimate toilet pranks? Get ready for the ultimate toilet pranks to try on everyone! How many of these silly toilet pranks will you pull off? If you liked this, we've got more pranks right here! Including 50 hilarious April Fools Pranks, and this How To Prank guide! We've even got the ultimate Prank Test for you to try!

1. The Classic Clingfilm

This is an easy, go-to prank, but it can get messy! Just place some clingfilm over the toilet bowl (but under the seat) and wait until you hear shouts of outrage! Don't be surprised if you have to clean it up though!

2. Fake Snake

If you want to give someone a shock, get a fake rubber snake and place it so it's peeking out of the closed toilet! Everyone will think a snake's got up the pipe! You can also do this for any bugs or other creepy crawlies you fancy!

3. Colour Change Flush!

If you want a funny flush, put a bit of food colouring in the toilets cistern (that's the bit with the lid on top). Bonus points for a weird colour like blue or green! Whoever flushes next is in for a surprise!

4. Pasta Broken Toilet Trick

This is a great way to cause chaos without too much fuss - just get some uncooked pasta (macaroni is great) and put it under the toilet seat. When the person sits down, they'll hear a crunching noise, and think they broke the toilet! Genius!

5. Bubbles! The Washing Up Liquid Prank

Oooh, this one's sneaky! Get some washing up liquid (clear is best) and pour it into the toilet bowl. Then wait until the next person flushes - they'll have foam everywhere! Or you can flush an empty toilet yourself and leave it for the next person to find!

6. Do Not Enter Sign!

This one is fun and simple! Put a sign on the bathroom door saying something like 'Danger! Keep Out! Under no circumstances should you enter!' and see who falls for it!

7. Trapped In The Toilet

Print of a picture of your head and hands, just big enough to fit inside the bowl. Then, the next time someone lifts the toilet lid, it'll look like you're trapped inside with no escape!

8. Vaseline Seat

This one is quick and simple - just spread a load of vaseline on the toilet seat for the next unfortunate customer! They'll come away with a greasy bum and no idea why!

9. Lint Roller Toilet Paper

Replace the toilet paper with a lint roller - one of those sticky ones you use to remove fluff. When the person goes to grab, they'll be confused about why the loo roll is sticking to them!

10. Reverse Pyschology

Perhaps the cleverest prank of all, this requires no actual work! You just need to make everyone THINK you've done something to the toilet. Achieve this by saying things like 'Oh, I wouldn't use the loo if I was you...' or 'You're going to be so mad when you find out what I've done to the toilet...'. When people ask what you mean, just wink knowingly - it'll drive them bonkers!