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10 Funny Ways To Wake Someone Up With A Prank

Set the alarm, because it's time to bring out your ultimate wake-up pranks with these epic prank ideas! Which one will you choose?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 24th 2022

It's time to get pranking with this excellent list of wake up pranks! Choose your sleeping target and let the mischief commence! And if you liked this, we've got more pranks here! Why not try this toilet paper prank? Or maybe you'd like to check out these hilarious April Fools pranks!

1. Water Gun Attack

This is a classic way to wake someone up! Just find your best water pistol, fill it up and squirt away! Your target will have no idea what's happening!

2. Worst Song Ever

Does your prankee hate the sound of you singing? Excellent! Think up the very worst song you can, pump up the karaoke track and blast them awake! They'll never forgive you!

3. Hiding in the house

This is an extra clever prank - let the person wake up naturally, but make sure that you're hiding when they do! Get everyone in them house (Even the dog!) to hide and make them think you've all done a bunk! They'll be super confused! Don't forget to jump out and surprise them at the perfect moment!

4. Pet Alarm!

Do you have a cat or a dog? Perfect! Put some peanut butter (or something else safe for pets) on your targets face, and watch them get a slobbery wake up call from your furry friend!

5. Room Rearrange

This one will really mess with their heads! While they're asleep, creep in and rearrange everything you can in the room - books, chairs, furniture etc. When they wake up, they'll think they're still dreaming! Watch them try and figure out what's happened!

6. Baked bean slippers

This one is only reserved for truly deserving targets. While they're sleeping, fill their slippers with cold baked beans - or anything else gooey like porridge or treacle. When they step into them, they'll be too sleepy to notice they're full of beans and squelch their toes right into that beany goodness! Gross!

7. Feather Feet

Is your target ticklish? Let's hope so! Find a feather or something else fluffy and give their piggies a little tickle while they're still in bed! They'll be tickled awake!

8. Inky Fingies

Another sneaky prank! While they're asleep, cover there hands in ink, of any other substance of your choosing - slime, porridge or toothpaste! They'll wake up, rub they're eyes and get a panda face!

9. You're late!

This one is super easy - just adjust their alarm clock by backwards by a couple of hourse - they'll wake in a panic and start getting ready before they realise it's still the middle of the night!

10. Wrap up bed

Ok, this one requires extra stealth so bonus points if you get it right! You'll need sellotape and a LOT of wrapping paper! All you need to do is wrap they're bed up while they sleep! Be careful to leave their head exposed so they can see what's happened in the morning - their expression will be priceless!