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GKI Quiz: Can You Get 100 Percent?

Think you can get a perfect score? Take this quiz and find out how well you know this epic Fortnite youtuber!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 4th 2023

He's not just any old Fortnite gamer - he's one of the best on YouTube and has found some amazing tips, tricks and glitches! But how much do you really know about this mysterious YouTuber? Asnwer these questions and find out - reckon you can get full marks? Let's find out!

GKI | Youtube

What is GKI also known as?

GKI | Youtube

What's the main thing he does on his channel?


What other games does GKI play?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Which of these things did GKI manage to work out how to do?


Where is GKI from?


If you said Denmark, you're correct! Now, where is Denmark on this map?

GKI | Youtube

Which of these is NOT a real video by GKI?


How many subscribers has GKI got?

GKI | Youtube

Which skin did GKI get early? Click to reveal!

GKI | Youtube

What does he have on the back of his usual Fortnite skin?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Bah! Oh dear! You're a long way off getting 10/10! Are you a fan of GKI after all? No worries if not - you can always have another go or try a different Youtuber quiz!

Fortnite | Epic Games

Pretty decent! It's definitely not a perfect 10 but you do clearly know your stuff when it comes to GKI! Good work! Now, do you think you can beat this score on a different Youtuber quiz?

Fortnite | Epic Games

Ooooh so close! You almost managed to get 10/10! You clearly know loads about GKI, but just missed out on the top spot. Fancy trying again on a dfferent Youtuber quiz?

Fortnite | Epic Games

YOU DID IT! YOU GOT 10/10! Amazing job! Well done - now... fancy seeing if you an get another high score on a different Youtuber quiz?