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Guess The Minecraft YouTuber Quiz

Can you get full marks on this who's who of Minecraft Youtubers? Take a look at these tricky picture clues and let's find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 19th 2023

Are you an expert when it coms to Minecraft Youtubers? There are lots of them out there! Let's test your knowledge with these 10 tricky quiz questions. We'll ask you a question or leave a hint, and it's up to you to see if you can correctly guess which Minecraft Youtuber we're talking about! Ready?

Let's get guessing, Minecraft fans!


Her hair is often pink. Who is it?


More hair questions! He's from Texas, has a big quiff and likes pineapple on pizza. It's... who?


Fill in the blank! The ___ Minecart?


Can you guess the Minecraft Youtuber from this thumbnail?

5/10 An ice cream cone wearing an eye patch

Which Minecraft Youtuber has a name that suggests they should go to an optometrist?


Guess the Minecraft Youtuber!


Which Minecraft Youtuber has a smiley face on hs chest?


Which of these Minecraft-playing Youtubers is also a member of the Sidemen?


Who's beard is this?


Guess the Minecraft Youtuber from this picture!

Minecraft | Mojang Studios

Uh oh! This is a pretty bad score! Are you sure you're into Minecraft? Or Youtube? You'd better have another go if you want to prove you're up to date! If not don't worry - plenty more quizzes where this one came from!

Minecraft | Mojang Studios

Not bad! You know a thing or two about Minecraft Youtubers! Good job. You can still do a bit better than this score though... Have another go and see if you can do a little bit better? Go on! And don't worry if you don't fancy it - we have lots more gaming quizzes for you to try out!

Minecraft | Mojang Studios

Nice! This is an impressive score! You really know your stuff! You must subscribe to all the Youtubers we mention in this quiz, right? You did miss out on a couple of right answers though, but never mind. Can you beat this score on a different quiz?

Minecraft | Mojang Studios

Amazing! You really know your stuff! Full marks - well done! When it comes to Minecraft Youtubers you just can't be beaten! Just look at this happy Villager! Now - do you think you can match this score on a different gaming quiz?