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Halloween Make-Up Ideas!

Check out these awesome Halloween make-up ideas for some seriously spooky inspo!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Scar from The Lion King!

If you're a huge fan of The Lion King why not go as Scar this Halloween? It's a bit different to the usual Halloween stuff and he's defs very scary! Make your eyes super dark for that extra bit of FIERCE! 

@makeupslayage_worldwide | Instagram

Billie Eilish!

Do you LOVE Billie Eilish?! Have you seen her 'when the party's over' music video? It's pretty creepy! Impress your friends with some Billie Eilish creepy make up this Halloween. Add a blue wig for extra Eilish! 

@felliciaiueo | Instagram

Jasmine from Aladdin

Okay, so Jasmine isn't scary - but that's okay! Sometimes it's just fun to dress up at Halloween. Add blue eyeshadow to make your look extra magical! Top tip: If you wanted to make it a little creepier you could always go as the ghost of Jasmine! 

@_raisha_ | Instagram


If you love Spider-Man you could try this super awesome make-up look. You'll need lots of red face paint and a steady hand for the cobweb lines! Just make sure you don't get spooked by the spider around your eye! 

@makeupby_tashxx | Instagram

Venom - Spider-Man

Can you handle SCARY?! Is Spider-Man way too tame for you? Then you need to try Venom face-paint! This is seriously creepy. You friends will hardly recognise you!

@emmafarrellmakeup | Instagram

Coco / Day of the dead

If you love Disney then you should try day of the dead make-up and you'll look like you're straight out of Coco! You could go as one of the specific characters or just try different sugar-skull designs and colours. 

@aluhhhsonsfx | Instagram

Powerpuff Girls!

We love this epic Powerpuff girl make up. Which one would you go as - Bubbles, Buttercup or Blossom?

@mbi_glam | Instagram

Demogorgon - Stranger Things!

So your brave enough to watch Stranger Things, but are you brave enough to to be the Demogorgon?! Check out this sick make up of it. We think it looks awesome / terrifying!

@lildoseofrose | Instagram