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Jump On A Goomba And Take This Hard Mario Quiz!

We guarantee this hard Mario quiz doesn't leave mushroom for error! Try it out now and see how much you know about the world of Super Mario and friends!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 11th 2022

It's time to take this super hard Super Mario quiz and see if you're Mario's number one fan! Will you get full marks? Or will you PLUMB the depths of failure? Let's find out just how much you know about Mario, Luigi, and everyone else in Mushroom Kingdom!

1/10 Old game console with goofy face

What year did the first Mario game come out?

2/10 Mario characters
Super Mario | Nintendo

Which other game did Mario first appear in?

3/10 The Mario Brothers
Super Mario | Nintendo

How many levels were in the first game?

4/10 Goombas
Super Mario | Nintendo

What are Goombas called in Japan?

5/10 Mushrooms with arrow

What type of mushroom are Goombas based on?

6/10 Gecko with question marks

What is Yoshi?

7/10 Super Mario characters
Super Mario | Nintendo

Who is Koji Kondo?

8/10 Peach with pretty eyes

What did Nintendo declare that August was?

9/10 Smiling plumber with yellow splats

True or false: Mario was originally meant to be a carpenter?

10/10 Princess Peach
Super Mario | Nintendo

What was Mario originally going to be called?

Oh no result
Super Mario | Nintendo

Oh no! You tried hard but this quiz was too tricky for you! Have another go and see if you've learned anything new about Mario!

Try again result
Super Mario | Nintendo

You got a couple of questions right, but you need to know more than that to get full marks! Have another go and see what else you know about Super Mario!

Well done result
Super Mario | Nintendo

Well done! Looks like you know lots about Mario and his friends - but can you get full marks? We think so! Have another go!

Wow result
Super Mario | Nintendo

Incredible! You know so much about Mario that you could live in the Mushroom Kingdom! As a reward, why not go and play some Super Mario right now?