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10 Harmless Halloween Pranks That Aren't Scary

Here’s some funny halloween pranks that aren’t at all scary!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 23rd 2022

Halloween is the time for tricks but it doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve set our less-brave Prank Researchers (yes it’s a thing) the task of finding the worlds funniest non-scary Halloween prank. We think you’ll be very amused and not at all scared… So what’s it going to be? Trick or treat?

1. The Candy Prank!

Get an empty box of sweets and tie it to a piece of string. When an unsuspecting trick or treater goes to pick it up pull the string so the box moves away. Then all you need to do is laugh at your own genius (and maybe hand out some real sweets too). You can even copy the design above if you’ve time. Imagine the look on peoples faces when the see someone running down the street chassing a flying chocolate bar!!

2. Bat Trouble!

Cut out paper bats from black paper and hide them everywhere around your house. Bowl of cereal? There’s a bat! Underpants drawer. There’s a bat! Glove compartment in the car? THERE’S A BAT! Bat’s everywhere. It will drive your Grown-Ups… batty!

3. Skeleton on the Shelf!

This prank is going for weird rather than scary! After people have gone to bed, set up a toy plastic skeleton in various naughty poses. Who’s been at Dad’s secret chocolate stash? SKELETON!!!! Change the poses every night and use your imagination to come up with even more crazy ones as Halloween approaches!

4. Sweet Jar Stitch Up!

Put some big gobstoppers in a jar, and then fill up the jar with smaller sweets so no-one can see them. Then challenge Halloween party guests to guess the amount. They’ll think there are way more because the jar looks rammed with small sweets! When no-one wins open the jar to reveal the joke and then share the sweets out for maximum happiness all round!

5. Crazy Frothing Cola Prank!

Freeze some mentos in ice cubes and use them to surprise grown-ups drinking coca-cola at your local halloween spook-fest. Their glasses will froth like the jaws of a ravenous werewolf!

6. Make a Giant Spider Web!

Trick your grown ups into thinking your home has been infested with GIANT SPIDERS by trailing string around everywhere like a web! Not only a great prank but you can spend ages trying to get through rooms without touching the web. I hope you’re flexible!

7. Funny Pumpkin Prank 1!

Make some wacky, happy pumpkins. They don’t all need scary sharp teeth and glaring scowls. Try making a pumpkin that will make people laugh… You could even make one best on a famous celebrity? Donald Trumpkin, anybody?

8. The Two Faced Prank

Answer your door on halloween with a mask on the back of your head, with you facing the wrong way! See how long you can get someone to speak to you before they realise they’re talking to the back of your head!!

9. The Travelling Pumpkin Prank!

Leave a pumpkin on someone’s front steps or garden a week before the big day. Leave a note saying ”I am the travelling pumpkin. Please leave me somewhere with this note!” You can even ask a Grown-Up to leave contact details with the note so you can track it as it travels around the town (OR MAYBE EVEN THE WORLD!)

10. Spooky Food Prank!

Making spooky food is the classic Halloween prank! Nobody really believes they’re eating eyeballs but it’s pretty spooky when you see a plate of them for the first time! Peeled grapes make great eyeballs and on the brains front, noodles can make awesome looking brains and you can even buy a jelly mould in the shape of a brain if you’re seriously rich!