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10 Funny Pranks: A How To Guide

Here's your step-by-step guide to pull off some seriously funny pranks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 25th 2022

Taken all the quizzes and feeling a bit bored, are we? Do you think your home could do with some Grade A pranking but not sure where to start? 

You're in luck! Check out these prank ideas and you'll be like our very own Tricky Dicky in no time at all!

1. Unfamiliar Language

Quite an easy one, this. Go into the settings on their computer and change the language into something they don't speak. Sit back and enjoy the chaos. Just remember how you did it, because you can fix it and then become a household hero!

2. Autocorrect

Get into the settings on your victim's smartphone and change a word or phrase they always use when texting you, to something much funnier. So, instead of 'love you' or 'home soon', why not change it to something like, 'I've just farted and made the dog sad'. Classic pranky banter!

3. Family Portrait

Does your home have lots of framed family photographs? Why not carefully – and quietly – replace every single one with a photo of your favourite pop star, pets, or even a random vegetable? See how long it takes for anyone to notice!

4. Text

Text someone in your house a gif of three dots and they'll be sat there for ages wondering just how long your message is. Our current record is four days and 10 hours. They were so embarrassed! 

5. No Shampoo

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Get the family shampoo bottle and carefully take the cap off, then pull a small amount of cling film over the top and replace the cap. Make sure no cling film is visible and put the shampoo bottle on the shelf. They won't have a clue what's going on at bath time!

6. Toffee Apple

Believe it or not, you can get toffee apples at places other than fairgrounds. No-one can resist them, either, which makes this prank particularly satisfying. Make some toffee apple coating – or chocolate spread will work just as easily – and put it on an onion. Put a stick on it and tell everyone you've had the local fair deliver  these to your door. Sit back and watch as their confused faces as they chew sugary onions. Nice work.

7. Ink

This is a subtle but an amazingly affective prank. Grab a biro that everyone in the house seems to use, and dip the nib in clear nail polish. Let it dry and put it back when you found it. It'll appear that the pen has run out of ink. 

8. PC Mouse

This one is so simple but very effective! If someone in the house uses a computer mouse, put a small bit of sticky tape over the sensor. It'll stop working and they won't know what's happened! Don't walk around the house holding the tape, though, or you'll get found out.

9. Fake Poo

This one is a bit yuck, but perfectly clean. Grab an old toilet roll tube and wet it under the tap until it turns a bit mushy. Wring out the excess water and squeeze it in your hands until it becomes a sausage shape. Let it dry for a little while and place it on your victim's seat. Stand back and wait for the scream and/or retching noises. 

10. Refreshing Drink

We recommend this prank should only be done in the garden. Put Mentos mint sweets into an ice cube tray and make some ice. When it's ready, offer everyone a drink and bring out some glasses with your 'plain' ice cubes. Pour some cola into the drink and wait for the fizzy mess when the ice begins to melt!

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