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4 Ways To Prank Your Mum

Ideas for to play funny pranks on Mum!!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 25th 2022

Mum’s are great aren’t they? We agree, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be pranked! So, are you looking for a way to prank your mum? You could use these funny ideas for pranking mum to get you in the zone for some serious Mum pranking. It’ll be like April Fools Day and Mothers Day all the same time!

1. The Embarrass Mum At Work Prank!

Before your Mum goes to work, slip something prankable into her bag or briefcase. Here are some suggestions that will cause her some EPIC embarrassment when she opens her stuff at an important business meeting.

A) A fake dog poo

B) A huge toy spider

C) A valentines card from a secret admirer

D) All of these things

2. The Splashy Face Mum Prank

Ask your mum for a strand of her hair and say you can make it change colour. Pour some water on the kitchen side and carefully place the hair in the water. “Look Mum! It’s changing. You can just about see!” When she peers closer to have a proper look, quickly slap the water and splash her face. Classic!

3. The What’s In The Box Prank!

Get a cardboard box and make it look like it’s just been delivered and contains a weird exotic animal. You can punch air holes, write your address, and even print out some warning labels to make it really exotic! When the box starts to jolt and move, your Mum (or Dad for that matter) will totally freak out. She won’t realise that it’s actually a remote control car inside.

4. Hot Chocolate Mum Prank

If your Mum is a hot chocolate fan, try this classic hot chocolate prank to surprise her! Fill a mug up with sprinkles and cover with a coaster. Then very carefully flip the mug over and place on the side. Cover the bottom (now facing up) with whipped cream and a few of the remaining sprinkles. It will look like a hot chocolate except when your mum gratefully picks it up… SPRINKLES EVERYWHERE!