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Are You the Quiz GOAT of Inter Miami Football Trivia?

Are you an MLS expert? Can you answer all 10 questions about Lionel Messi's new team correctly?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 8th 2023

Ever since Lionel Messi joined this Florida club, all eyes are on the Major Soccer League in the United States of America. How much do you know about this relatively new football team? Test your soccer trivia by taking this quiz and see if you can get every question right!

1/10 A dolphin balancing a football on its head

In what year was the club founded?

2/10 Inter Miami's club badge

What birds are featured on the club’s badge?

3/10 Two large white birds flying towards a football

What is the club’s nickname?

4/10 Two Inter Miami players with a floodlit stadium backdrop

What’s the name of the team’s stadium?

5/10 A famous football in Goal: The Dream Begins
Goal! | Danny Cannon | Mike Jefferies, Matt Barrelle, Mark Huffam | Touchstone Pictures, Milkshake Films

Which England legend is the club’s president?

6/10 A disguised Miami football badge

There’s another team in the city and their fixtures are called the Miami Clásico. What is the team’s name?

7/10 A footballer's foot resting on a ball next to a laughing dolphin

Which team did star player Lionel Messi leave to join the club in 2023?

8/10 A football trophy being held aloft, just out of the reach of a cat's paw

In which year did they first win the Leagues Cup?


9/10 Which team did they beat in the final?

10/10 A sewing machine

The team play in pink, but what colour is their away kit?

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