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KallMeKris: Which Video Should I Watch?

What are you in the mood for - spooks, laughs, or thrills? This quiz will help you decide which KallMeKris vid is perfect for you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 6th 2023

Are you new to KallMeKris, or a die-hard fan already? No matter what, this is the quiz for you! If you're trying to figure out what to watch next, this fun quiz will give you one of Kris's best videos to tickle your funny bone - or maybe, to get you in a spooky mood! And we've got loads more YouTuber content, too! Choose some emojis and we'll give you a Sam and Colby video, see if you could survive a Ryan Trahan-style 1p adventure, or find out your YouTube name!


What YouTube videos do you usually watch?

Sam and Colby |

Pick another YouTuber!


Pick a tasty meal!


Choose a weird pet!


Pick a movie to watch with your family!


Which of these sounds like a fun activity to do with friends?


Pick a time of day!


Would you ever visit a haunted house?


Choose a Disney princess from before 2000!


Pick another YouTube genre!

KallMeKris |

Kallmekris Top TikTok's Compilation! | 2021

You love a TikTok compilation, and this might just be Kris's best! It's a hilarious look at her characters, and a great showcase of her talent!

KallMeKris |

DUMBEST 5 Minute Crafts | React

You don't believe all the hacks that show up on your recommended page, and it sure is fun to see someone react to them! Enjoy this hilarious video!

KallMeKris |

Fan Mail Unboxing!!

It's always fun to watch an unboxing, and this one's a nice tribute to Kris's fans! We hope you enjoy!

KallMeKris |

Sam and Colby crossover!

It's a dream come true for fans of both YouTubers! If you love Kris AND spooky ghosts, enjoy a ghost hunting sesh!