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20 Lift Jokes To Elevate Your Spirits!

These hilarious jokes are sure to lift your mood today!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  October 29th 2023

Ding-ding! Everyone get off for a whole floor of hilarious lift jokes! No matter how you're feeling, these silly lift jokes will raise your mood - so read on to get on our level! And don't forget, we've got floors full of jokes for when you're done! How about some ironing jokes? Some eyebrow jokes? Or some jokes about Scotland?

Why shouldn’t you use the lift when there’s a fire?

Because you should use a fire extinguisher!

Why are lift jokes the best kind of jokes?

They work on so many levels!

I used to have a phobia of lifts…

But I’ve taken steps to conquer my fear!

Boy: If you could be stuck in a lift with anyone in the world, who would you choose?

Girl: An elevator engineer!

What do you get when you cross a lift with a Sith lord?

Darth Elevader!

I always take the lift because I don’t trust stairs…

They’re always up to something!

I always take the lift, while my brother prefers the stairs…

I guess we’re raised differently!

Why did my dad insist we live in a lift?

He wanted to raise us right!

Why did the vampire hunter put his gear in a lift?

To raise the stakes!

What’s red and goes up and down?

A tomato in a lift!

Why should you get a job repairing lifts?

It will really take you up in the world!

A good pun is like a broken lift…

It will never let you down!

Why was the lift always ill?

It was always coming down with something!

What did the competitive lift say to the other lift?

"You're going down!"

What do you call a crime that takes place in a lift?

Wrong on so many levels!

I’m terrified of getting the lift…

In fact, I take steps to avoid it!

Why are they called lifts in the UK and elevators in the US?

Because we're raised differently!

I love my job as a lift inspector…

Though it has its ups and downs!

Why did the sad ghost take the lift?

To raise his spirits!

I’ve never found lift jokes funny…

I guess my sense of humour is just on another level!