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The Ultimate MattHDGamer Quiz!

How much do you know about this FIFA-playing legend? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 11th 2021
1/12 MattHDGamer on a custom PS5 FIFA cover
@matthdgamer | Instagram

What's his full name?

2/12 Birthday cake gif
@studiosoriginals | giphy

On which date does he celebrate his birthday?

3/12 A close up of the UK on a map

Which city does Matt come from?

4/12 MattHDGamer in a red and white scarf
@matthdgamer | Instagram

Which real life team does he support?

5/12 MattHDGamer and a FIFA 20 display
@matthdgamer | Instagram

In which year did he set up his YouTube account?

6/12 MattHDGamer reaction pic
@matthdgamer | Instagram

Is Matt a fan of the European Super League idea?

7/12 MattHDGamer's YouTube page
@matthdgamer | YouTube

On his YouTube channel page, he's has two FIFA FUT player cards featuring two well-known football legends. Who?

8/12 MattHDGamer
@matthdgamer | Instagram

What's his most popular YouTube video as of October 2021?

9/12 An old MattHDGamer video
@matthdgamer | YouTube

He's a well-know FIFA gamer, but what did he play when he started his YouTube channel?

10/12 The Sidemen squad
@sidemen | YouTube

In 2014, he uploaded a video featuring a match against which member of the Sidemen?

11/12 FIFA FUT cards
@matthdgamer | YouTube

Which of the following is NOT a MattHDGamer video?

12/12 How tall is MattHDGamer?
@matthdgamer | Instagram

If a Beano is 1cm in height, how tall is MattHDGamer in comics?

Result: Oh no
@matthdgamer | Instagram

Oh dear! Not much of a MattHDGamer fan, then?

Result: Good try
@matthdgamer | Instagram

Good try! You did pretty, pretty well!

@matthdgamer | Instagram

Great stuff! Looks like you're some kind of MattHDGamer fan!

Result: Wow
@matthdgamer | Instagram

Wow! This is a perfect score. Either you're a mega-fan or MattHDGamer himself!