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20 Mechanic Jokes For Your Next Brake

You definitely won't get tired of these mechanic jokes! We've pulled together 20 of the funniest mechanic jokes out there - no need to take a brake, jump right in!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2023

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Why did the lift mechanic quit?

The job had too many ups and downs!

What do you need to make a mechanical frog?


What's a mechanic's favourite flower?

A car-nation!

What do you call a man with a car on his head?


A jumper cable goes into a bar...

The bar man says 'Don't start anything!'

Have you read the book about aircraft mechanics?

It's riveting!

Why do mechanics work so hard on cars?

Because they're tireless!

Why do mechanics get tired fixing tail pipes?

It's exhausting!

What sort of fish makes the best mechanic?

Tuner fish!

The mechanic asked why my car was humming...

I said it didn't know the words!

When do mechanics drink tea?

When they're on a break!

You shouldn't tell mechanic jokes...

You auto know better!

What do squirrels and mechanics have in common?

They both like nuts!

Why do mechanics use knives?

Cutting edge technology!

What does a bad mechanic put on his toast?

Traffic jam!

Why are robot mechanics never lonely?

They're always making new friends!

What happened when the mechanic showed up without a costume at the Halloween party?

He had to change his attire!

What happens when mechanics dream?

They have an auto-body experience!

What do mechanics fix in October?


Why did the mechanic take the day off?

He was wheely tired!