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The Ultimate Minecraft Royale Quiz

Test your mega Minecraft knowledge with this cunning quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 10th 2022

Minecraft Royale make compilation clips of Minecraft Streamers in crazy Minecraft situations all merged into a single video. It's an awesome recipe for extremely awesome Minecraft fun. How well do you know this fail-laden, god-playing, noob-bashing Minecraft Channel?


Spot the real Minecraft Royale series

2/13 Skeppy and BadBoyHalo on Minecraft
@badboyhalo | Twitter

Which of these series is the TRUE Minecraft Royale series?

3/13 Two puppies

Which of these moments makes up a Minecraft Royale series

4/13 Shakespeare Quiz

Which type of play gets it's own series on Minecraft Royale?

5/13 Jelly babies

What term does Minecraft Royale use to describe people who are playing Minecraft for the first time?

6/13 A person clearly keen on doing homework

Which Minecraft Royale series could be abbreviated to TBC

7/13 Two dogs in a pile of leaves

Which of these plays gets its own series on Minecraft Royale?


Minecraft Royale has a series called "Near XXXXX Moments." What word has been replaced by X's?


What word does Minecraft Royale use when Minecraft gets buggy!


What was Minecraft Royals first video?


What does Minecraft Royale say you'll get if you like and subscribe?


What type of block features in the Minecraft Royale logo?


13/13 What is the backround colour of the Minecraft Royale logo?

Fail. Maybe it was the Beano website glitching or maybe you are a complete noob when it comes to Minecraft Royale. Either way, that's a terrible score!

Not bad. You have been watching YouTube. Well done.

Epic Win. You are a Minecraft Royale God.