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The Minxiest Minnie The Minx Quiz!

How much do you know about Beanotown's biggest minx? Test your knowledge now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  December 20th 2022

When it comes to Beanotown legends, this blur of red and black mischief is among the greatest. But how much do you know about Minnie the Minx? Are you a total super fan? There's only one way to find out, and that's by testing your trivia by taking this awesome quiz!

1/10 Minnie the Minx

What is Minnie's real name?

2/10 Minnie on a red and yellow background

Where does she live?

3/10 Minnie dressed as a Hogwarts student

Minnie is named after a Harry Potter character. True or false?

4/10 Minnie and a slime background

How many brothers does Minnie have?

5/10 Minnie and a desk catapult

What are Minnie's parents called?

6/10  Minnie on a skateboard

When is Minnie's birthday?

7/10 Minnie the Minx pointing in front of a brick wall

Who gave Minnie her favourite red and black jumper?

8/10 Minnie in front of a tie-dyed shirt

Which school does she attend?

9/10 Dennis and Minnie

What relation is Minnie to Dennis?

10/10 Minnie the Minx

What is Minnie's pet cat called?

Oh no

Oh no! What happened there? Why not have one more try? You could do even better. We believe in you!

Good try

Good try! There were some tricky questions, weren't there? Do you think you could do even better? Have another go!

Great work

Great work! You know loads about Minnie, don't you? You just missed out on a perfect score, so why not have another go?


Wow! You're a Minnie the Minx expert. You're either a super fan or Minnie herself!