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Name All The Minecraft Armor Enchantments!

Are some sort of Minecraft genius when it comes to magical armor improvement? Take the quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 6th 2022

When exploring the hugely expansive and often perilous world of Minecraft, it’s a good idea to know what sort of armour is available to you and how to improve it, too. That’s where enchantments come in! How much do you know about armour enchantments in particular? Take this quiz and find out whether you’re a Minecraft expert or a casual player!

1/10 A Minecraft player in water
Stingray Productions | YouTube

Which enchantment quickens your mining speed underwater?

2/10 Walking on ice in Minecraft
JayDeeMC | YouTube

Which enchantment turns water into icy pathways?

3/10 A Minecraft character covered in armour
JayDeeMC | YouTube

Which enchantment will protect you from projectiles?

4/10 An armor enchantment scene in Minecraft

Which enchantment will allow you to move quickly underwater?

5/10 A scene from Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

Which enchantment would you need to walk quickly on soul soil?

6/10 Underwater exploration in Minecraft
Rajcraft | YouTube

You want to go underwater for longer periods of time. What enchantment do you use?

7/10 Steve falling over in Minecraft
Kids Toys TV | YouTube

Which enchantment prevents damage from a tumble?

8/10 A screenshot from Minecraft
Lavanky | YouTube

Which enchantment is handy when you’re faced with an explosion?

9/10 A screenshot from Minecraft
JayDeeMC | YouTube

Which enchantment reduces damage caused by fire?

10/10 A scene from Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

Which enchantment will reflect some damage when your character takes a hit?

Result: Oh no
Mojang | Microsoft

Oh no! Enchanting armour seems to be a tricky business, and the trivia is even trickier! Why not have another go – you might get an even better score!

Result: Good try
Mojang | Microsoft

Good try! This was a pretty tough quiz, wasn’t it? Why not play some more Minecraft and take notes when it comes to armour enchantment – you’ll get a perfect score, we’re sure.

Result: Great Work
Mojang | Microsoft

Great work! Someone knows about their armour improvements, haven’t they? We bet you could do even better if you had another go. What do you say?

Result: Wow
Mojang | Microsoft

Wow! You really know about armour enchantments, do you? Did you use a quiz enchantment to get a score like this?