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Name The Minecraft Axe Enchantments Quiz!

Think you can ace this Minecraft Axe Enchantments quiz? Let’s see how well you do!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 29th 2022

When navigating the hugely expansive world of Minecraft, it’s always nice to have a bit of help every now and then. That’s where enchantments come in! It’s a way of improving your tools, pieces of armour and axes! How much do you know about axe enchantments in particular? Whether you’re a beginner or a Minecraft expert, this quiz is sure to test your knowledge!

1/10 Minecraft chopping axe
Mojang | Microsoft

Which enchantment would you use to increase the chopping speed of your axe?

2/10 Minecraft axe
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Which enchantment increases melee damage?

3/10 A Minecraft Axe

Which of the following is a powerful enchantment?

4/10 A scene from Minecraft
Mojang | Microsoft

Which enchantment will make your axe disappear?

5/10 A Minecraft Bee
Screen Rant | Mojang | Microsoft

Which enchantment will cause the most damage against spiders and bees?

6/10 A Minecraft Pickaxe

Which enchantment should you use on a pickaxe when mining for ore?

7/10 Running from a Minecraft zombie
Mojang | Microsoft

Which enchantment is handy when facing a group of zombies?

8/10 Minecraft Axes
Cubey | YouTube

Which enchantment will make your axe extremely strong?

9/10 Minecraft Pickaxe
Mojang | Microsoft

Which enchantment uses experience orbs to repair itself?

10/10 A Minecraft library
Pocket Tactics | Mojang | MicrosoftU

Which enchantment would you use to get a whole bookshelf instead of three books?

Result: Oh no
Mojang | Microsoft

Oh no! It’s not every day you get asked questions about how to make an axe even more axe-y, is it? Why not have another go – you might get an even better score!

Result: Good try
Mojang | Microsoft

Good try! This was a pretty tricky quiz, wasn’t it? Maybe play some more Minecraft and find out more about axe enchantments and you’ll get a perfect score in no time!

Result: Great work
Mojang | Microsoft

Great work! Someone’s been paying attention to their axe enchantments, haven’t they? We bet you could do even better if you had another go!

Result: Wow
Mojang | Microsoft

Wow! When it comes to enchantments which will make an axe even axe-y, you’re something of an expert. It’s plain to see! Well done.