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Naruto Village Quiz: Do You Have The Ninja Knowledge?

It’s time to test your knowledge! How much do you know about the great Shinobi villages?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 1st 2023

The villages of the great Naruto nations are super important, without them there wouldn’t be any ninja in the entire world, so we’ve got that to thank them for! But how much do you know about them? Are you a Naruto expert or are you still a simple trainee? There's only one way to find out and that’s right here, so slip on those sandals and let’s get hunting for the hidden knowledge!

1/10 Naruto stands by a thatched house
Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

Where does Naruto start his journey?

2/10 A cat-man scratches the back of their head

What land is the Village Hidden in the Clouds part of?

3/10 A camel walks in a desert

What is the name of the Village hidden in the sand?

4/10 A person in a Japanese fox mask stands squarely

What is the name of a village’s head?

5/10 A Naruto character stands with a raccoon
Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

What is the name of the villain in the Village Hidden in the Leaves?

6/10 A woman things by some old houses

What type of landscape is the Hidden Stone Village in?

7/10 A woman thinks in a jungle

What is the short name for the Village Hidden in the Leaves?

8/10 A bear looking cool with sunglasses

Where is the Shangri-la village?

9/10 A Naruto character stands and looks very cool
Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

What village is Zabuza from?

10/10 A bowl of ramen with a face smiles

Where is the Ichiraku Ramen House?

Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

Oh dear! It looks like those mysterious Naruto villages will stay hidden from you! Why not check back on your favourite episodes and see if you can learn a bit more about those secretive Naruto villages? Don’t worry though, if these quizzes were easy there wouldn’t be any point doing them!

Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

Nice! Not bad! You know a thing or three about the secret villages of Naruto! You’ve clearly done your research, or at least watched most of the show! While these ninja training villages like to stay hidden, scores like these shouldn’t! But we think that you’ve got more in you, why not have another go and see if you can do even better?

Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

Epic! You’re well on your way to becoming a legend in the shinobi world! With knowledge like yours you’re all set to prove to the world that there is more to ninja training than meets the eye! These villages might eb secret to most people in the Naruto world, but not to you! You know almost everything that’s worth knowing about them! Nice one!

Pierrot and Aniplex | Crunchyroll

Incredible, it looks like we’ve got a Hokage in the building! Great work, you’ve used your powerful quiz ninja skills to show that you’re right at the top of the pile! Well done, you know everything that is possibly worth knowing about the secret villages of Naruto, give yourself a big pat on the back and bathe in the glory! Epic!