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10 Norris Nuts Facts You Didn't Know!

Here's a load of facts about Australia's coolest YouTuber family!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2022

Norris Nuts is a popular YouTube channel which features a family of eight who post videos of their fun challenges and daily life.

Check out these facts and you'll be a Norris Nuts expert in no time at all!

1. How many children are in the Norris family?

Six! The eldest child is called Sabre, who was born in 2005. There's also Sockie, Biggy, Naz and Disco!The youngest is Charm, who was born in 2019.

The Norris Nuts | YouTube

2. What are the Norris Nuts' parents called?

The Norris children's mum is called Brooke and their dad is called Justin!

3. Which member of the family has won an Olympic medal?

Dad Justin won a bronze medal in the 200 metres butterfly at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia! He's also a three-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist. We're no experts, but that seems like he's a good swimmer!

Channel 7 Australia

4. What are Norris Nuts fans called?

Norris Nuts fans are referred to as 'Legends' by the family. And, as of June 2020, there are over 4.5 million subscribers to their main YouTube channel.

The Norris Nuts | YouTube

5. Naz would like to own a particular animal – but on one condition!

Naz has revealed that her dream pet would be a guinea pig, as it didn't need to do a poo! Guess what she got for her ninth birthday?

The Norris Nuts | YouTube

6. Sabre is amazing at skateboarding!

In 2018, Sabre – who was 13 at the time – won a silver medal at the X Games for her skateboarding skills. She was also the first female competitor to land a McTwist trick!

X Games | YouTube

7. What is Sockie's real name?

She's actually called Cerrus, but prefers to use her nickname instead. Her hero is world-famous chef, Gordon Ramsay!

The Norris Nuts | YouTube

8. How many YouTube channels do the Norris family have?

Apart from their main YouTube channel The Norris Nuts, they also make fun videos for Norris Nuts Do Stuff, Norris Nuts Gaming and Norris Nuts Squad. They're very busy!

The Norris Nuts | YouTube

9. Where are the Norris Nuts from?

The family live in Newcastle, which is in New South Wales, Australia. It's definitely warmer than the Geordie city!

10. Are the family musical?

Oh yes. The family have recorded their own songs, including 'We Play All Night Long' (which is about Fortnite and Minecraft) and 'Dancing In The Elevator' (which is about dancing in an elevator). You can stream their songs on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music!

Norris Nuts Gaming | YouTube

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