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20 Olivia Rodrigo Jokes That Hit The Right Notes

These lol-worthy Olivia Rodrigo jokes will put a smile on any vampire's face! Click here for 20 of the best popstar gags and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 3rd 2023

Like pop music? How about laughter? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you need to check out this list of sensational Olivia Rodrigo jokes! We've come up with 20 of the funniest jokes for any fan of this amazing singer - just read on and see for yourself!

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Why doesn’t Olivia Rodrigo sing the national anthem?

She doesn’t like Country Music!

Someone keyed Oloivia Rodrigo’s car!

Thankfully the damage seems to B Minor!

Why is Olivia Rodrigo banned from music shops?

Because she’s broken so many records!

What car does Olivia Rodrigo drive?

Honda A Chord!

Why did Olivia Rodrigo climb a ladder?

To reach the high notes!

Olivia Rodrigo’s new band is called “Duvet"

It’s a cover band!

Why did Olivia Rodrigo decide to make music?

It just struck a chord with her!

Olivia Rodrigo is playing at the Royal Albert Hall

What an opera-tunity!

Why does Olivia Rodriogo bang her head against her piano?

She likes playing by ear!

Where does Olivia Rodrigo go on holiday?

Florida Keys!

What does Olicia Rodrigo say when she’s leaving the sound booth?


Why is Olivia Rodrigo’s voice like a pirate?

Because they both kill on the high Cs!

Why is Olivia Rodrigo the best popstar ever?

Because she knows how to play an accordion, but doesn’t!

What’s Olivia Rodrigo’s favourite kind of computer?

A Dell!

Olivia Rodrigo said she’d hit me with her guitar

I replied, “is that a fret?”

What’s Olivia Rodrigo’s favourite type of corn?

Pop corn!

Which popstar did Olivia Rodrigo invite round to speak to ghosts?


What did Olivia Rodrigo say when she heard some new music?

Good Lorde!

Who’s the saltiest pop star?

Olive Rodrigo!

How did Olivia Rodrigo’s “vampire” get to the top of the streaming charts?

Because every listen Counts!